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Do I need Adwords?

So here is the story. I live in a suburb of Orlando named Oviedo Florida. I am a active member of LS but have not participated in this section of the forum other than reading and studying your guys insights.

With the knowledge I have learned here and the help of my website developer and seo company we have secured first page ranking on google, generally in the first three results for the following phrases.

Oviedo Lawn Maintenance
Oviedo Lawn
Oviedo Sod
Oviedo Sod installation
Oviedo Yard
Oviedo Yard Work
Oviedo Landscaping
Oviedo Lawn Cutting
Quality Oviedo Sod
Quality Oviedo Lawn Care
Farm Fresh Sod Oviedo
etc etc.

My question is this. I am running ad campaigns now on google. I am not getting a large number of clicks from the ad's which is ok as I really just wanted to review what key words people were using when they clicked on my ad however I thought the ad campaign might bring in some extra leads but to be honest I think with my keyword getting first page rankings - isn't ad words just kind of a waste other than the research?

Your thoughts? What advantage of ad words campaign am I missing?

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