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Originally Posted by Armsden&Son View Post
Oh, I get it! You are not fortunate enough to have ever operated a Walker..... With Walker's tilt up deck, they are just as compact as a Stander.... My 26EFI is only north of 800 lbs.... As for full view of the deck and ducking under trees, closer to obstacles and turning in smaller spaces..... This is what Walker is known for! And this is where I am coming from.... But if all you run is mid-mounts, I guess a stander would benefit you... I guess...
I've been running walkers and standers for years. They both have there pros and cons. The walker is the best bagging machine made imo, will never scalp anything, you can get the deck places that would impress anyone, super nimble and never tears up lawns, . It is also very slow ( but you never have to go over any part of the lawn twice), very hard on the back, nothing is worse then a left hand turn on a hot day, expensive to maintain and even with the deck flipped up its much longer then a stander. To discharge all day I'll take a stander over a sit down anytime. My back and body arnt sore a bit from being bounced around, I don't have to get up every time I pick up something off a lawn, I can navigate under branches and around obstacles with ease, I can spin it around at the end of a pass just as quick as a walker with no damage if done correctly, only takes up about 3 1/2 ft on the trailer, and although they arnt as good on hills as a sit down I feel much much safer on inclines with them. I used to run turf tigers, bobcats, wildcats, and lasers and replacing the sit downs with standers has been one of the best decision's I've made for making my day easier. I couldn't imagine bagging thick spring growth with one but then again I can't imagine cutting a 2 acre field with a walker.
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