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Adding organics from a newbie

Anyone got some good links on learning the advantages of organics? What have you found gave the best results?

I'm a complete traditional app company and have thought about adding some organics. I'm one of the few companies who advertise and business has picked up, so developing a program that would improve soil stucture would benefit my long term results.

I treat all the turf types.

Fescue- we stop from June-August on apps since temps are well into the 90s and humidity is up. Lime goes down in August but maybe am opportunity for a micro app or something?

Warm - we pretty much treat every 2 months year round. Some years the apps are loser in the summer when things are growing. Maybe a winter organic app or replacing a Fert app. With organics?

I'm interested and try to do what is best for the lawn. I Spot spray when necessary and only fertilize as recommended. I'm just getting mixed reviews on the effective ness of organic apps.
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