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micro suggestions

Originally Posted by gorlax View Post

This is my first post on here. I have been curious into developing my own fertilizer for at home gardens. Particularly indoor plants, small gardens, etc. I run my own small garden and have done so for years using many products including organic teas, composts, chemical fertilizers, and so on. I recently became curious in creating my own custom blend for me and some friends.

I am currently a senior at Arizona State getting my b.s in biochemistry, and I am pretty knowledgeable in chemistry and biology as expected. With my gardening interests I believe this to be something in my realm.

Here is my proposed blend:

I want a N-P-K of roughly (15.5-19-38)

Small world. Got 2 sisters there >> Apache Junction & Glendale (she manages 39 Subway stores). They are knowledgeable regarding micro's.

I have not concluded what chemical fertilizers are the cheapest and best so these are my proposed ingredients.

Calcium Nitrate ( to provide the nitrogen level and calcium)

- 15.5% - Nitrogen

- 19% Calcium

I have not found out what to use to provide my ratios of P-K. What would be the best chemicals to get these levels? (Soluble Potash)?

For the micro-nutrients I have found a supplier offering all chelated essentials in a single mix. I simply plan on buying this and mixing it accordingly, however it seems rather expensive at 70$ a lb, but 1oz makes 50 gallons so it essentially will make plenty of uses. The percentages of each micro-nutrient are not given either. I could get them if I inquired but I believe them to be standard levels.

The levels I am looking for are around:

Copper - 2.5%
Boron - .001
Manganese - .06%
iron - .08%
zinc - 10%
molybdenum- .03%

I noticed that this package does not include Cobalt, Nickel, Silica, or Magnesium. Which of course are needed!

I am kind of stumped on the micro-nutrient part, would I have to buy these all individually to get these percentages?

My sulfur content would be at 4%

I also plan on using beneficial bacteria as well.
Soluble Powder Bacillus

1 billion CFU's / Gram

  • Bacillus subtilis sp. 1
  • Bacillus subtilis sp. 2
  • Bacillus subtilis sp. 3
  • Bacillus subtilis sp. 4
  • Bacillus polymyxa
  • Bacillus licheniformis
  • Bacillus amyloliquefaciens

if anyone has any input please reply!
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