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Originally Posted by Wet_Boots View Post
You need to compare with percentages. If the smaller rotators give a 0.39 in/hr rate, and the 3500 gives 0.45 in/hr (in square spacing at 40 psi) then the 3500 applies at a rate over 15 percent higher. Increase pressure to 50 psi, and the 3500 can apply at a rate almost 40 percent higher.
I still say show me a better option on odd geometry. It doesn't exist. When you have geometry in the 20-35 foot range over a large span there isn't a rotor on the market that mathematically evenly distributes based on 120degrees, 250 degrees, 310 degrees, etc. etc... The calculations never add up and the second you touch a radius reduction screw for throwing shorter you can throw all the math out the window anyway. Im sure the argument will be made that you can supplement your rotor week spots with a secondary spray zone, but that sure would be a heck of a lot of math and pulling off secondary spray zones without using van nozzles on odd geometry is practically impossible. Once you stick a van on a spray zone you are already completely throwing all the other data for fixed nozzles on that zone out the window because they aren't anywhere near the same in precip rate.
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