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Lawn Rescue

Hi Everyone. My yard has officially been taken over by weeds this year. Last year creeping charlie started to take over and this year it has overtaken the yard. I have re seeded about 200 sq ft of grass and am trying to recover the rest of my yard without such drastic measures. I have tested the soil it came back at 6.5, I aerated in the spring and have fertilized twice thus far. I sprayed for weeds with Weed-B-Gon which is a Chealated Iron weed killer. I have attached some pictures below of the problem area and also the newly seeded area. There is also a red leaved weed that is popping up in my newly seeded area that I need to figure out how to get rid of. Also there is a picture of the lawn that had grown in nice and thick in the same area?? Any and all help is appreciated.
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