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Originally Posted by RigglePLC View Post
No apps on fescue in the summer? (For reduced brown patch?) Wouldn't that be a good time for an organic slow-release fertilizer? Or for fescue, a good time to do the lime--since you have decided on no fert?

You might consider an ap of a low toxicity herbicide--spot or blanket as needed. Try to find a product that is less toxic than Weed b Gone. Of course, you may need specialty aps like crabgrass, and nutsedge.

And I agree--nothing wrong with an ap of micronutrients with high iron content. Its hot--and probably humid--but you still want to help the lawn thrive, and you still need income for those months. Consider aps of grub control or incesct (I mean insect) control. Consider aps of fungicide. Different plan for irrigated grass?

Its a bit complicated when your fescue needs a different program than the Bermuda. And zoysia? Centipede?

I am not sure if others have found a way to treat two different grass types with one truck and one trip.

--two tanks?
--tank and spreader?
--two spreaders?
--Spreader and backpack?
--Three spreaders, (and three products, for three grass species)? Big companies cannot do this. And neither can small companies--unless they have unusually talented people.
Of course, you want to use the 50 pound stainless steel spreaders; they take up less room on the truck.
Good advice. I treat warm season throughout the year. This year I've scheduled fescue apps in feb, April, aug, sept, oct, nov.

From June-August our temps are in the 90s and humid. I don't have the guts to try and spray quinclorac or 3way in that weather due to potential burn. Most fescue is covered in brown patch but people just won't pay for 2-3 apps of hear irate or headway fungicide.

I was just thinking I might find an app that wouldn't harm the them and could e applied in the summer. Maybe propiconozole in June? Would need to price it out but might only last 30 days.
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