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Originally Posted by JCLawn and more View Post
So thought this morning. Has anyone crunched this number before but if you lawns range from 10 to 20 min appart is it cheaper to run 2 guys in one truck or 2 trucks with 1 person. I was thinking this morning that even in town its on average 10 min with stop signs and stop lights and you save 5-10 min on small lawns. If you drop trailer and mow 5 lawns ya 2 people in a truck are the way to go but what about the other?
I think this is what is keeping from my 800-1000 a day gross right now. I can't belive I've never thought of this. I feel soo freaking stupid. Like today I have a run that takes 12 hrs and I gross $600 by myself and if I take help I can do it in 8. Now I own 2 trucks, and what not, soon to be three. I figure I have to make $308 a day solo to break even. $450 with 2 guys. Now by myself I can gross $400-500 easy, but if I run with another guy I can only gross $600ish. If I ran another truck I should see gross in the $700's and my cost would go up to around $500 in a 10 hour day. My company profit would be $200 a day if I considered myself an employee and payed myself $15 a hour.
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