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When I cleaned the Carb the 1st time, I did a through cleaning of every component and fuel circuits to insure they were functioning properly, but I did it again this AM.

I had installed all new gaskets and O rings the 1st teardown of the carb. I rechecked valve lash and it is between .003 & .005 thousanths.

After running the engine this morning I sprayed all around the carb for air leaks, none found. The fuel cutoff is functioning correctly.

What I did notice is that when running at full throttle and up a slight grade the engine would falter and I would have to give it a little choke and then it would run fine.

The same thing happens when the mower is engaged, only it is much worse. Requiring to run with the choke about halfway. I thing the engine is not getting enough fuel when a load is applied. I have a brand new fuel filter installed.

I'm beginning to believe it is the fuel pump.

Any thoughts.
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