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Don't bash the Brand, look at the dealer

I owned a 2006 model year 273hst...It had a few teething problems but the local dealer was terrific. TYM had a voluntary recall of the exhaust due to cracking from vibration. I called my dealer and told them I did not have time to bring the machine in (they were 30 miles away)...They sent me a brand new exhaust, no questions asked! I told them one of the headlight lenses had yellowed from UV sunlight exposure and they sent me a brand new headlight! The only other issue was cracking rubber boots on the steering ball joints and they sent me new ones! Again, no questions asked! To me, that is incredible customer support! I sold the tractor a few years ago but have since found another one I am looking to buy! Regardless of brand, all new machines have a few bugs. It's how the company stands by their product is what counts. TYM has been incredible in that regard. Who else has a 3yr bumper to bumper and a 5 yr powertrain warranty?
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