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Thank you for the encouragement! I talked to a friend, and can get the money if I want it, so That's taken care of. I'm kind of curious why the Toro looks like it has a stamped deck? All of the new WB's on their website definitely have fabricated decks... I guess my main concern would be if it is tough and whether or not I could put a grass catcher on it. I really would like to have the option of bagging, as it really leaves a neater look. Armsden, if you have any input on this I'd certainly appreciate it. I really do like the T-bar controls after researching them. They seem like they'd be much more comfortable than pistol grips. This next question might seem stupid, but I'm assuming the Proline would leave a better cut than My Time cutter. Am I correct in this assumption? I've been working really hard lately to learn how to make a yard look as good as I possibly can (I like to be able to point out a yard to a prospective customer and not be worried about it). I think my time cutter is good residential machine, but it leaves a little to be desired in terms of finish...
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