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Not $35 for a basic mow.

$35 minimum for a 1/4 acre or less SF mow.

One can do a basic mow on 10 acres. No one is doing that basic mow for $35.

As to driving far for a $35 mow. It can be good or not worth it.

You have 10 hours a week mowing. You have 30 hours sitting home on lawnsite because you need customers.

It can be a half hour away. Again your schedule looks like a slice of Swiss cheese. So you take it. Next month you get a customer 25 min on the same road. Then next month another one 5, 10, and 15 min's away. Now you drive out to the farthest lawn and work your way back home.

Now that 30 minute lawn is no longer that out of the away.

Or that one out of the way lawn in a desirable area to get business in. That one lawn gets you in to this area.

The people that bragg they have 100 lawns within a half mile of their home did not have such a route their first year. It takes many years to build such a tight route.

Or you can sit in your garage, drink a beer, wax your mower, pass up that job, and complain you do not have enough customers.
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