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Originally Posted by puppypaws View Post
That will be interesting, I honestly don't foresee any type cutting you do giving the 36 Vanguard any problem. From the small amount of time you've run the 3100 so far, would you consider it to be the best mower you've ever owned and operated, there's no doubt it gives the best ride?
Thursday I was cutting some relatively long clover which was damp, this loaded the deck up somewhat but the motor handled with no real worry, however I think the 32 may have hesitated a little with this. More due to the deck loading up than anything. This deck is suited to well maintained lawns, not going to be so great at cutting down badly overgrown stuff like Mick deals with after rain holds him up etc. I occasionally get this stuff but will be avoiding it where I can.

From the 5 hrs I have put on the machine Im very pleased & can say for sure it is the best ZTR I have owned for my application. At this point I don't think id ever buy another non-suspended ZTR as my primary machine. I hope eventually we see a 3100z with EFI & wouldn't mind having an extra mph or 2 just for the rare occasions I can utilise it.

I have no idea why ppl don't think the Ferris is built with strength, I thick its as well built as the Hustlers etc, besides the deck strength but that should be fine.
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