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Originally Posted by Mickhippy View Post
A mate of mine fitted a primer bulb onto his fuel line. I wonder if one of those would help with the re starts.
Not a bad idea!

But I cant see a positive for being able to switch tanks, can you?

I don't think its ideal to have a full tank one side and empty the other, its like 20-25kg or 50lbs on one side of the mower when one tanks empty, prob doesn't matter much but its not ideal.

The way they have installed the 3 way valve on Ferris is with spring clamps, so it will only take me a minute to pull the hoses from valve and clamp them onto a t-piece.

Ill never run out of fuel this way & if I did I always have spare fuel as im sure everyone does. But it would be a rarity as opposed to almost always doing it with the switching over.
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