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Originally Posted by Classic Lighting View Post
Awesome scene Tim. Who manufactured the recessed lights? Can the bubble be a trip/ toe stub hazard?
I originally quoted the PO lights from FX for this project, and the homeowner balked at the price a bit since he has this place listed for sale. He has another penthouse condo further in town he lives in that I will be doing soon. To get the price point down a bit, I found these through AQL online. They are stainless, and are rated for underwater use. They did come with a flat lense, but I opted for the domed glass to shed the rainwater. They are pretty well out of the traffic patterns, so tripping isn't going to be a major issue. The only thing I would like to have added was some hexcell louvers (I had just run out from my last installation and need to order more.) The glare with the LED's, is actually quite a bit less than what I had expected them to be, but the louver would still be a good idea. I am heading over end of next week to add a couple things, so I will probably drop those in while I am there.

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