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Originally Posted by RSK Property Maintenance View Post
solo is nice, but i think 2 people total would be able to potentially gross and net a lot more money with just one employee. for example, I gross 4000 a month mowing + sales tax it costs me 480 a month in gas and diesel to do my accounts. which can be done in 2 12 hour days if I am feeling really ambitious and its dry out, other wise i'm looking at 3 days of mowing, leaving me with at least 2 days open for "other work" if not even a 3rd and sometimes 4th day in the spring or fall. so solo i can and have net over 8000 pretty easily per month a few times. finding an extra 500 between 4 possible days really isn't that hard to do at all. for me it consists of asking my 23 customers if they are interested in having me do a number of things that need to be done, such as shrub pruning, mulching, weeding, brush clearing and removal. its really not hard. If I based my prices off trying to make 500 in an 8hr day I would get 95% of the jobs i ever went to do an estimate for. If I had one employee we could knock out 80 residential lawns in 4 days making me triple the money i was before and costing me next to nothing and add in a few mulch jobs for the week or shrub pruning and now because of this extra set of hands i'm able to make 15-16,000 a month instead of 8-10,000. I know it could work that way, because my buddy used to do it that way, and make that kind of money and I'm solo following in his foot steps. Its all about pricing, the economy and finding the right employee. I have the equipment, I have the market to support what I want, and I am the employee. I personally don't need help yet, but I'm not far away. I think 50 lawns a week for a 25 year old is pretty healthy, netting 8000 a month or more is very possible. my new goal for next year is to net 10,000 a month solo.
Or you could just mow those 3 days and go play golf the other days. Enjoy those off days!

I'm like you. I choose to not work past 1 pm, though. So, I spread out a similar work load over 5 days and I do not work weekends ever.

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