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Originally Posted by greenology View Post
Not a bad idea!

But I cant see a positive for being able to switch tanks, can you?

I don't think its ideal to have a full tank one side and empty the other, its like 20-25kg or 50lbs on one side of the mower when one tanks empty, prob doesn't matter much but its not ideal.

The way they have installed the 3 way valve on Ferris is with spring clamps, so it will only take me a minute to pull the hoses from valve and clamp them onto a t-piece.

Ill never run out of fuel this way & if I did I always have spare fuel as im sure everyone does. But it would be a rarity as opposed to almost always doing it with the switching over.
I think I remember someone having a problem with the T setup on here years ago. When both tanks were full and they mowed hillsides the upper tank would drain into the lower one and come out the cap. Not an issue with new machines but maybe something to keep in mind.
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