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Hey bud, you can absolutely put a catcher on that baby. There are a few companies that make grass catchers now-a-days.... one of my favorites being "Accelerator" ..... You might have to drill a hole or two but it's a great option for people who demand the clippings be picked up. I collect, so I run Accelerator catchers on my walk behinds... I have never run one of those Prolines but a lot of folks swear by them.... I mean, they are a Toro.... I don't think you can go to a golf course in the United States, go to the grounds crew's garage, open the door.... and not see the word "TORO" on something... Good name, dependable.... I wouldn't worry about the stamped deck thing... by the looks of the pictures the frame looks sturdy as heck...
Yes, the cut quality will surely be better than your TimeMaster simply because the Proline has a bigger deck, a bigger engine, and therefore more suction which coupled with blade sharpness, is really what gives you your QOC. (quality of cut) That's why people rave about Honda 21's right? Honda 21's are one of the only 21 in. mowers out there that have the power and the aero-dynamics and physics down to where the cut is unbelievable.... But, they are about a grand or more and for that kind of money, why not buy a used commercial walk behind? Which brings us back to you! Hahaha.... Let us know if you are "pulling the trigger!"
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