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Not a good idea. Mist blowers are for insecticide and fungicide applications on field crops. Glyphosate floating in the air can be very bad. I use a spray gun fitted with an air inducted stream nozzle to spray glyphosate on areas not accessible to booms or fan tips. Don't know about how the rules work in NC, but the Hawaii DOA does not permit commercial applicators to use hose end jars hooked up to the public water supply. I have seen posts where it was suggested that the jar get hooked up to a skid sprayer pumping plain water. One more thing: it is often easier to flush glyphosate out of a skid sprayer than a manually pumped backpack. That flushing out should be done on a site labeled for glyphosate application. I know someone on the forum that had to replace a few thousand sq ft of grass because of a contaminated backpack sprayer.
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