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I'm also curious why the average Lco jumps on the spindle replacement bandwagon, it may seem like the matter of fact solution but only once in 12 years have I replaced a whole spindle... I usually rebuild them with new bearings, seals, bolts, whatever it needs usually comes out to under $60 for an entire kit and with a little bit of luck I've gotten away for as little as $20.

On a newer machine it makes no sense, but as machines get to where parts have been discontinued ...

Complete spindle replacement isn't always as cut and dry as it might look, it has been my experience, even though I see the logic when it comes down to parts that are no longer being made, that it can be as much if not more work to replace a spindle whole due to all the modifications, and that is why some say it might be cheaper and easier to just replace the bearings...

The trick in a lot of cases is to clean up an old bearing after it has been removed from the spindle, and in my case with the aid of good light and a magnifying glass, to get the numbers and preferrably the manufacturer off the bearing race or cover. Once you have those numbers, ordering a new one is a whole lot easier, remember you will need a high speed bearing such as one made to racing specifications.

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