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Originally Posted by ProStreetCamaro View Post
I just tried the baffles in the lowest position today and that is where it will stay. It poured in buckets around 11:30 last night so I started out the day at 7:30 in soaking wet crabgrass and had no trouble at all and the extra vacuum reminded me of an exmark. Very carpet smooth cut. My Hydros are still breaking in and as they do they are taking less and less power from my 29EFI. They are almost silent now. I used to be able to hear them whine like a biotch with my hearing protectors on. Now I cant hear them at all with the protectors on.
Good to know!! I did try all the way down and the lift was pulling thatch out of the lawn!! I have settled with my baffles right below the blade tips. About 1 1/2" down on my 452.
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