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Originally Posted by Dually00-00 View Post
I've done my fair share of wrenching on my vehicles and have never thought that Ford was eaiser to work on . Often thought Ford has to reinvent the wheel making things complex when they don't need too. For instance the 5.4 Ford design is alot more sophisticated than the Chevy 5.3.Ford has OHC,3 valves per cylinder etc. Thats as biased as I can be owning both Ford and GM.

Not looking too argue and I will agree with you but the OP is asking about the older 2v 5.4's. Not the ones with the 3 valve heads, Which it seems that everyone is saying are bad.

In the era trucks he is looking at, the Gm products have new model problems. By the time the First new model Gm rolled out, the Ford had 2 model years out already.
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