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Another summer in Florida. Tired and behind. I guess at least you never know exactly what you are going to get though. After what I would consider a near-perfect summer last year, this one has been a little rougher with the humidity. Definitely one of the most humid I can remember. And that's saying a lot for Florida. Breezes has been nonexistent 90% of the time. It's calm before the rain moves in, then dead calm after they move out. That's what's made the humidity atrocious.

Rain is becoming a little bit of an issue. I have a couple lawns that still have standing water in areas. Last time I remember lawns staying wet for weeks was 1987 or 88, and to a lesser extent one time in the mid-90's. But that said, when it clouds up early temps won't be in the mid-90's. You're going to look like a wet rag anyway, might as well be a few degrees cooler.
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