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Originally Posted by dnrsslr View Post
I'm curious what about the "mowing ability" of the Ventrac 3200 you didn't like. I have a Ventrac 3000 (same style but older model) and really like it. I have the snow blower and LOVE IT! I also have a 60" deck that appears to have been used hard so the cut and striping are not quite what I would like to see. But, I believe a new deck would solve this completely! Just waiting to convince my wife to spend the money on a new deck. I'm thinking I'd like to go to the rear discharge deck. It's only 52" but I like the idea of throwing the grass under me instead of around me.

I should have said mowing speed rather than mowing ability. The Ventrac 3200 is clearly an able machine, it just did not ride nearly as smooth as the grasshopper at top speed, and it takes longer to turn around because it isn't a zero turn. Neither of those are a big deal if you have relatively smooth property or don't have to reverse direction every ten seconds like I do. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the Ventrac to someone under the right conditions, but my property was more efficiently and quickly mowed wit the grasshopper, your mileage may vary.

I wish I had one of those flat properties without obstacles, then I could have got some SCUT/CUT with a BH and FEL. As it is I will have the grasshopper for mowing, and I may buy an old used terramite t7 for my FEL/BH work.
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