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How we do it. Different strokes for different folks. If I had larger jobs(more days) I would go the trailer route. I will probably go that way in a few years when I'm running bigger trucks for hauling. Now I'm a one truck show.
. Top has concrete boots, big floats, kneelers brooms etc.
middle is worm drive, circ saw, radio, hitli gun, squares, levels, ext cords
The bottom is mason bags, makita battery kit, two chipper guns, brick carriers, and sledges. On the hooks I have assorted shovels and picks. Rake and broom go in after. On the floor is a hand tamper, demo saw, buckets of floats and edgers and another chipper gun i need to return. Over the winter I will add racks inside the dump body to get the sledges shovels etc out of the box
The other side holds whatever I need, the jackhammer or plate tamper. Has a ramp and electric winch.
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