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Another question: If I end up buying one without a velke, what would you recommend? I've checked out the Kage Kaddy and it looks pretty sweet, but I'm afraid it may cost as much as a used mower. I think I'd prefer a 2-wheel, and the larger the better. I have a size 15 ape-foot that's as flat as kansas, plus I'm a bit goofy to boot. I definitely want a velke, as my left foot has been surgically fused, and I can't take walking day in and day out. I'm fine as long as I get a break here and there, but I'm pretty sure if I walked all of my yards I'd be in pain. The fused foot is a big cause of my goofiness. It doesn't move much at all, when compared to a healthy ankle. That's one of those things you never notice until it's fused together... It's so immobile I actually had to change my prone shooting position from Olympic to Military, as I could no longer tuck my left foot in. I f you don't shoot, that may not make sense to you so it's probably a bad explanation. I cant sit "Indian style" either. Not that I'd ever want to...

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