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Soil test advice for my first major renovation

Hi everyone. Ive got a pretty major lawn renovation on the schedule and I need a little advice. The lawn is very compacted clay on a newer constructed home. There was hardly any prep done on the soil except for with a very large dozer that really packed down the soil. Im thinking this is the majority of the problem BUT im not very familiar with soil tests so i could be missing something

The soil test results are as follows...
Soil ph 7.7
Pounds per acre of P 27, K 221, Ca 7687, Mg 590
C.E.C 22.0
% base saturation K 1.3, Ca 87, Mg 11

Here is my plan of attack. Please let me know if im on target and if im missing something obvious in the results. I planned on tilling (using a toro dingo soil conditioner) compost into the soil to help loosen the clay. Ive heard an inch over the yard and then tilled in is enough? Is that correct? Once the yard has been tilled and leveled I planned on spreading starter fert and then seeding, rolling the yard with an unfilled lawn roller, and then spreading a seeding mulch. Would it be possible to use pelletized compost such as Easy Flow pellets to cover the seed? Also the ph seems a little high? Is there something that I could till into the soil to lower the ph? The intended turf is KBG. Also what are some long term inputs that will help with the clay over time? Ive heard aeration and topdressing each fall helps over time. Is that a good idea.

Any advice or tips will be greatly appreciated. This is my first major lawn renovation and I just want to make sure that I do it right. As I said im not really familiar with soil tests so if I'm missing something major in the results please let me know.
Thanks for the help
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