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Originally Posted by g8tor38 View Post
Thanks GMLC, your comments and reviews were helpful in pointing me to the Gravely but am now trying to weigh between the gravely or the Hustler's new Hyper Drive unit which seems to be a bit more pricey.

I was asked when I went to demo the new 460 if I would like to try the EFI but thought carb was the way to go so the unit I brought home to demo was the carb model, now after your comment I wish I would have brought home the EFI. I would greatly appreciate your assistance in dialing in my deck once I have the unit should it need . I did ask the dealer today some questions on baffles and deck set up and he suggested that it should have the front of the deck 1/4 inch lower then the rest of the deck which I think someone said in an earlier post that was the correct way to set it up.

Hustler vs Gravely deck, I have read a lot of pros on each of the manufacturers deck but when I cut my yard I notioced the gravely shot out hugh amounts of grass in very large(long) clippings due to the grass being tall, will the hustler deck do the same or will it cut the clippings into a finer grass before discharging.

Price, I am getting quotes for $10,400 for the new gravely 472 plus tax an options. The dealer is going to try and find me a 0 hour demo model to save some money prior to ordering but can anyone tell me if this is a good number or not? I can get the 460 demo I brought home for $8300 plus tax.

Any input on price would be great since I have no idea of where these things hsould be, I see where everyone is starting but they act like there is no room to negotiate unless it is a demo model.
Dont get me wrong I love my carbed kawi. Great engine but I do want to try EFI next. The dealer is correct in saying the pitch should be 1/8-1/4" lower in the front. If you get the x-factor 2 deck you will also have the adjustable baffles. The prices your getting seem great. As far as clipping size I consider the Gravely in the middle. The clippings are smaller than say a scag but larger than say an exmark. It gives you a good all around cut in many conditions. You will want to demo the Hustler in your conditions but my guess would be your going to see larger clippings than the Gravely. Also if your getting the 472 it seems to be coming with low lift blades. Mag360 has been trying high lifts on his 272 and will be another great resource for you. The 460 and 452 come with high lift blades from the factory. What kind of grass are you cutting?
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