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[QUOTE=Armsden&Son;4826754]I would go 2 wheel for sure..... They are just way more stable and they also don't leave the ugly 3rd wheel stripe.... (Yes, I am aware that I run Walker and Walker has the 3rd wheel stripe but that's different because it's the Walker's signature) That's cool that you shoot, I don't myself(meaning with any discipline or training) but I have a lot of respect for marksmanship... Did you happen to serve our Country?[/Q

I didn't serve, but have the utmost respect for those who have and do. I just have always enjoyed shooting. It's a great hobby (albeit spendy) and teaches attention to detail, discipline, and especially how to handle FRUSTRATION (we have a lot of that in long range...) We shoot with a lot of former service members at Camp Lejeune (mostly USMC snipers). Those guys typically shoot pretty well, and are usually good folks!

I'm going to go have a look at the Toro. It won't solve my gate issue, but I only have a handful of those at the moment. I really need to replace my TImecutter, as it's going to take a dump on me soon, and I don't want to be SOL when it happens. I can't afford a commercial ZTR right now, so I think the WB will be the trick. The only thing I'm worried about is that I've never operated a WB, but it can't be too dificult. I just don't want to be running into stuff and falling off and whatnot. It'd probably be pretty awesome for any onlookers though.

I also found a Scag 48" on CL. It looks a little rough, but it has a grass catcher and velke.

It may be a bit too rough around the edges
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