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I believe all walks of life and all industries have individuals that spend money in many different fashions.

Hardscaping is no longer a get rich industry. The margins are VERY tight, and if the slightest little thing does not go as planned - you just kissed what little profit there was goodbye.

The green industry is full of EGO. We have lawn mowing guys going out and mowing with $40k 3/4 ton pick up trucks. You don't NEED a truck like that to cut lawns. I know of a contractor that lurks this forum from PA that has a multi-million dollar business who mows with cheap used mid-size pick ups with Maaco paint jobs.

There is a difference between a million dollar company using enclosed trailers for hardscaping vs a 2 crew company that's owner operated using enclosed trailers. See, again, has the EGO convinced the owner to buy something and consume space in the desk drawer with a payment book for something that they really do not need? Hardscaping is not an industry where you can merely buy equipment on a whim, heck, it's hard enough factoring 30 gallons of fuel for the skid steer in the cost sheet. To make good money in hardscaping you need to run as lean as possible.

I've been a hardscape contractor for 17 yrs, and never once have I said to myself "self, we need an enclosed trailer". And that's because we don't NEED one.
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