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Originally Posted by nismothunder View Post
Or when you buy a 5.3 1500 you get a crapper of an axle (10 bolt) and tranny. While in the 5.4 Ford you get a 9.75 and a decent tranny.

I tow with a 5.4 1/2 ton 2v (02, PI heads) and it does the job a lot better then 5.3s. A lot. Even when the Gm is set up compairable.

The GM might ride a little better which contributes too the whole "I forgot I had a trailer back there thing" That a lot of GM owners like too tell.
BS my 5.3's run circles around the 5.4 in the expedition. The 4.6 was even worse. My avalanche is big and heavy and tows my race car much better than the expedition does. We have owned a bunch of ford trucks and the expedition will be the last. Btw we have had trans problems under warranty right along with a friend of ours so the Ford trans is not all that great either.
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