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The lawn is about 9500 sq ft. Its very open and the house is almost setting kind if high on the lawn so not too worried about bringing in material (it almost needs it) there is no irrigation system but this customer is very patient and meticulous about watering. Any tips for getting the seed to eatablish well? As far as compost how much is too much or is that possible? Im kinda at a loss as far as pricing simce ive never done a job this scale before. I can get compost for around $23 per yard. I believe an inch over 9500 sq ft was about 26 yds so at 2 inches thats 52 yds. What would you use to move that amount? Im thinking the scoop on the dingo just isnt gonna cut it. What would you charge (ballpark) to move that amount of material and till it in?
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