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Do not but camoplast tracks

I got about 1200 hours out of my oem cat tracks on my 257b. So we were looking around at tracks and pricing and finally decided to go with the camoplast against my better judgment. So anyways i get the tracks put them on. And about 150 hours the cogs start ripping off. I call the disruptor and they put me in touch with camoplast. Got the run around for about a week from them. Finally they start to respond make me send me pics of the tracks. They tell me something got in the undercarriage and destroyed it. Mind you my machine is a finish grading machine and that's all i use it for and little snow plowing. They tell me there's nothing they can do and I'm gonna have to buy another track. So i cut the lugs off and put the Larry lugs on. This happened about 6 months ago and I've been meaning to post this but been so busy. Then today 5 more lugs ripped off and reminded me of how pissed i am i bought these pos and wanna make sure no one waist they're money
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