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Lol. Ok. I like that response. On my 02 Z71 Avy I have had the short block replaced, the tranny rebuilt and both front wheel bearings done. Oh, and a $370 fuel pump.

The block was at 119k. Bad heads from the factory. Was cheaper too get a new (used) motor.

But it wont tow with its 373 gears. I mean it rides awesome even with a trailer but you have too stand on it too move.

Like I said, I'm not arguing over what's better. Or more so whos opinion is better.

Just stating facts.

And yeah, I will agree that changing the plugs on a 2v will take a little time and that you cant see them with the COPs in place.

And just too throw some random stuff out there. I have a 91 Camaro with 272k on the factory 305, th700 and 10 bolt that have never been touched. My uncle had a base model 90 chevy that went 500k on the factory 4.3 while plowing snow (2 sets of head gaskets in that time) and currently has a 88 3/4ton 4x2 with the same motor at 250k, on what I assume is the factory th700.

But thanks for setting me straight and all.
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