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Originally Posted by PJC15 View Post
I have read some posts saying that the efi kohler is noticeably underpowered compared to the Kawi. Anyone have experience with these two choices? Dealer sent me an email tonight saying that he can knock another 200 off the efi with a rebate which would bring it to $8200
The 24.6 Kohler is known on this site to be underpowered compared to the 25.5 Kawi, but I guess it depends on the deck size and type, ie; MOD or non MOD deck. Also, which Kohler EFI? They offer two choices on the 930M, the 24.6 on up to 54" decks, and the 25.5 on the 60" decks. ProStreetCamaro has the 25.3 on his Gravely 460 and seems to be liking it pretty well so far. He thought it was a tad underpowered at first, but says it seems to be gaining as it breaks in better.

I like Kawi's and don't care for Kohlers anymore, but for that small a difference in price, it would probably be the smart choice as long as the power you want and/or need is there. demo first, pay second. If that dealer won't do it, find one that will. That's just too much money to chunk down without getting to test on your property. I own a Z950 w/60" MOD deck and I can tell you that if you want the MOD deck, go with the Kawi. You'll be glad for the added power in heavy grass or thick leaves vs the Kohlers. For the std Pro deck I doubt it matters that much.
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