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Pipe Size confusion

I am putting in 8 grass zones, each with 4 heads.

I did a test run on one at the back and one at the front and each head is getting at least 26 ft, some 29-30ft.

Here are my questions

1) If I put my sprinkler heads in a loop as opposed to a Tee - can I assume that the pressure/flow will be more equalized for each head?
2) My mainfold is all 3/4", I was told if I run 1" pipe to the beginning of each loop I will get better flow at the heads due to less friction, makes sense, do you guys agree - even though the manifold is 3/4" and heads will be 1/2" female ports? Some of those runs are quite long, at least 100ft. I could have put two manifolds in but I did this with my last house and found it to be a lot more work.
3) I assume if I am now getting more distance than I wanted I can tone it down by changing out the nozzles?
4) Is there somewhere that you can buy 1" sprinkler pipe less than home depot or lowes, which is running about 25 dollars for 100 foot?

Sorry for the amateur nature of the questions

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