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Originally Posted by ducnut View Post
Guerilla, you're doing it right (loading) and thinking right (efficiency).

I run a 7'WX12'LX6'H, single axle, 6" tube framed, V-nose, 10-ply tires. I was told, by other lawn guys, I didn't buy enough trailer. I can fit my all my mowers, into this trailer. Though, I almost never take the 42". Also, I use an Andersen WD hitch. Anyway, the single axle pulls so much easier than the tandem, race car trailers most of these guys use and it's a better fit on the streets. I don't ever plan on having a crew. Why pull more than I have to?

There's a lot of unnecessary crap (misinformation), in this thread.
Throw a pic up of it. I'd like to see it. Sounds like a odd trailer. For me my 2 trzs would not fit with a v nose on 16ft.
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