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Slit seed vs core aerate/seed

People here assume reseeding means care aeration and spread seed. I'm considering doing a few small lawns with a slit seeder as a comparison and hopefully can provide a premium service.

So my question is how does the labor/time cost compare?

In the past I would arrive at the lawn with two guys. I would start spreading starter fertilizer. The second guy will grab a rented wb aerator and start trimming obstacles and tight areas. I then hop in my owned ride on aerator to help with aeration. We then both spread seed and/or clean up.

With the slit seeder I would assume you would seed first and then fertilize? We normally seed at 5lbs per 1000 and with this method would go over everything twice at right angles.

I can charge 22-25 per 1000 and feel I make pretty good money.

So my question is how the two compare time wise. I'd have to rent a slit seeder but rent a wb aerator anyway. I could send one guy to do a few smaller lawns or gated back yards.

I could rent a turfcp ls-22. The web said it has a 30k per hour production rate. So a small 6k lawn could be fertilized and slit seeded in around 30 minutes or so??
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