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Originally Posted by Mayor of Mow Town View Post
If I put myself in the shoes of the customer:
- I'm not interested in 90% the blurb at the top. It doesn't offer me any value.
- The doctor/infant/parent story is a nice touch.
- The rest just gives facts. It doesn't actually tell me specifically what to do. How much do I water? When? How do I know when it's too wet/dry? Pictures? How do I know the temperature of the soil?

Perhaps you could have a simple checklist for each day or week


"Your grass was seeded on ______.

blah blah brief intro

Day 1 - Check X and do Y
Day 3 - Check A and do B

<insert instructions on how to do each thing you list above>"
Purposely do I NOT want to say "how much". U don't know their water pressure, watering device(s), water practices, etc.

If a client can't dis cipher wet from dry - then they probably can't walk and talk on their cell phone at the same time either......
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