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Originally Posted by lawn king View Post
You get what you pay for. I have been running kubotas for the last decade, yes they are a lot more expensive but they are arguably the highest quality cut on the market, I cant afford to have my machine down and kubotas rarely break down.
Part of Kubota's reliability is the fact that they still manufacture all the major components in-house(engines, hydros, trannies) and other parts. I've run the snot out of my ag. Kubotas for the last 10yrs and it's been nothing but filters&fluids. I was a mechanic for 25yrs before retiring to farm hay. Kubota takes pride in how things are designed for the most part. I had one hydro line bust on my smaller tractor and Kubota covered to price of the line despite the tractor being way out of warranty. My local Bota dealer won't touch a Korean tractor of any color on trade. He says he just does not want to get involved with selling a unit to one of his customers that he knows may be difficult for the customer to get parts support and tech info if an unusual problem develops. If I am correct TYM is supplying some of New Holland's compact line and the local dealer's not happy at all. Shibauru supplied them in the past with a good tractor but the Korean made New Hollands are not the same according to them.
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