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Originally Posted by 20/20 View Post
Please learn more about your saw before getting hurt. I'm not trying to be a jerk, these machines can be very dangerous/deadly especially when it comes to the inexperienced. Your local dealer should be able to show you some tips on sharpening and probably even give pointers on safety.
Originally Posted by Tizzy View Post
i'll drop some knowledge on you.

this is a low kickback semi chisel chain (will have 1 green link on the chain)

low kickback full chisel chain

notice how both the above have what looks like 2 rakers per cutter. this prevents kickback. the top one also has a round edge on the side of the teeth that makes it a semi chisel. the second has a square edge that is full chisel.

this is a Standard Full Chisel Chain (notice the yellow link, this means it is not low kickback)

this chart shows the cutter spacing

hope that helps you with chain identifications.

also you should learn how to sharpen the chain properly. you can get a lot of life out of the chain. also it is a lot better for the saw and bar to keep the chain sharp. also without experience chainsawing i would not recommend getting the standard chains stay with low kickback.
Thank you both, I am as safe as I possibly can be. Ear and eye protection at all times, I also wear a pair of STIHL Chaps and steel toe boots. I've used a saw all my life, just never went through the process of sharpening, I've always just wasted money buying a new one.
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