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Originally Posted by 20/20 View Post
Not sure how long your life has been but heck for me that would break the bank in one summer. It's not that hard once you learn, then the secret is to stay on top of it. I sharpen every fuel fill if not sooner. Tizzy brings up a good point about how sharpening will make the bar last a lot longer.
yeah on a 290 you wont really notice a big loss in money on chains especially when you aren't doing a ton of tree work.

when you start doing a lot of tree cutting if you don't sharpen you can burn through 2 chains a day easy and when your dealing with 25" or larger bars those chains add up quick.

I usually touch up the chain every time I refuel the saw. takes 2 minutes. you can probably find videos on youtube that show how to do it properly.
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