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I have an appointment to see the Toro on sat morning. I have a few concerns that maybe you guys can give advice on.
1. The unit has 1,700 hrs. What are the chances the hydros have any life left in them. The guy told me he bought it used and didn't know the service history. How much would it cost to replace the hydros? I'm pretty mechanically inclined. Can I do it myself? What should I look for (hydro wise) when checking out the unit?

2. How much life do you usually get out of an engine? (I know there are many, many variables, so just a reasonable ballpark) I don't have a compression gauge, so I can't check it.

This is my 1st commercial equipment purchase and don't want to be burned. I would like to get 2 seasons out of it minimum. I currently service about 20 accounts, and plan on picking up more in the spring.

Should I even consider a machine this old?
I'd appreciate any advice or tips.
Thanks, Casey
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