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Funny I saw this when I was searching for there site looking for hose I noticed you had posted something about a henderson hydroseeder caught my eye. I never been on this forum before,l I saw your question when I typed there name in and this came up.I signed up to help give you some input on the machine. I purchased a 125 Gallon Hydroseeder from Dana In April. It was the best investment I think I have made in some time. I paid $1800 for this machine I dont know what there asking now for them. the one thing I would say is I wish I got the 225 gallon hydroseeder the first time. my machine does a pretty good piece of land but i had to fill it a couple times to get the job done. I think the 225 would be the best bet depends what your going to use it on i guess. I have a small excavating company we use it to patch up work when where finshed tearing stuff up. It came with a briggs and stratton motor works fine first pull everytime, very nice guy, knowledgable about his stuff. They really did a good job thinking up this machine they werent kidding when he said it was easy to move. The wheels make it very easy to move around. If I had something negative about this machine I guess the opening on top could be a little bigger when loading the material . Still very easy to use. well hope I helped you a little bit. If you end going to check one out tell him Todd from Portland sent you. He'll remember my big beard lol We are very happy with our machine!!!! , Todd
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