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Originally Posted by CurbAppealKS View Post
Ok guys, loaded up my first spool of platinum this morning. First conclusion, I will never buy it again. For my application it is straight garbage. I mow a fair amount of commercial/industrial with a lot of chain link fencing. This seems to be the platinum's weakest point. It cuts fairly well when you are trimming grass, but when you get into weeds with tough stalks it fails. The square magnum that I normally use will tear through some thick stuff up to 1/2" depending on the weed. I frequently use it to cut voluntary elms that you would usually need a pair of snippers for.

It is much quieter however and really easy to load. It seems to develop less of a memory while wrapped on the bulk spool.

I'm sure it would work great for someone that does nothing but manicured lawns, but in my opinion those who do commercial properties with very heavy trimming it will not last long. I give it a 5/10 with it being better than stihl x line and way worse than magnum which I would give an 8/10.
That's interesting, because it is just the opposite of what I experience with it. It is brutally strong- stronger by some degree compared to either round or square Gator Magnum (which I love) with the Aramid chord in the center. The Platinum Super Twist lasts longer for chain link, and will cut grass like sharp scissors, and thick stalky plants like a pair of loppers IME.
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