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Originally Posted by treemover View Post
sidenote...I do not think camoplast tracks are bad or the problem. There is a reason larry lugs are around in the first place. I ripped cogs off of cat tracks and ripped cat tracks in two, replaced them with camoplast tracks and traded it off!! Check your tension, most likely the that new track got loosened up, it seems like i was tightening my every week. best advice trade that machine off, I had 1500hrs on mine complete aftermarket undercarriage and it was running me 500-800/month in parts on the undercarriage to keep it going. I was landscaping/final grading no rock nice soft loam,
Whew....I'm lucky I got a machine that wasn't built on a Friday or Monday like yours. I'm halfway between 2-3000 hours and all of my middle rollers are still original and I've only replaced my tracks (at just past 2000 hours) all four front idlers, sprocket rollers (I rotated my inner sleeves) and I've all four rear idlers. I'd put the reliability cost to operate my machine against any Bobcat I ever sold in the eight years that I sold them. I imagine I'd get much better life too if I was just in soft loam like you have down there.

ASV no longer uses Camoplast as a supplier. Maybe there's a reason.
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