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Originally Posted by Smallaxe View Post
I agree that there is no reason to mow below 2" for any cool-season lawn and 2.5 - 3" is about the best for that full manicured look...
I don't get why anyone would decide that scalping a lawn for seeding is a good idea either... It is as if they don't believe that the seed will find its way through 3" of grass blades to get to the soil...
For spot spraying,,, I'm going to start that up again to hit the weeds that survived in June and then get going on overseeding...
The 10 day forecast shows moderate temps with nite time lows in the 50s so I think it will be simple enough to put down a synthetic fert to get the grass primed for Labor Day weekend...

My bridge lawns will becoming quite active since the heat of Summer appears to be over...
I could post a childish comment here, but a reason to scalp before slice seeding is the thatch from the slice seeder will be too excessive which will in turn suffocate areas of the turf.
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