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That can be a pain to deal with.
One thing we did for a bit was find a smaller mom and pop show that had a building with some parking they were not using and rented a few parking spaces in a back corner to keep trailers.
It helped keep things away from home and also gave them some money for parking they were not using.

Our new building will be nice having everything in one spot. Right now our office is separate from our shop.
It is both buildings in the picture then in between is parkinglot that we fenced in. There is also another small parking area to the right of the right side building.
The left building is good to go, the right side one we are opening up inside. Someone sectioned it off into a bunch of weird shaped rooms. The front will be offices then a storage space, then the back half is a maint. bay, with a tool room off the back and break room off the right side.
The left building is basically open warehouse with the brick part you can see an office and bathroom. Not sure if we will use it or not.
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