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We always have debt, no biggie. Just don't over extend yourself and you will be ok. We don't finance little things, just trucks. If you are trying to grow your business fast sometimes you have no choice. I try to buy used trucks cash as much as possible but sometimes I cant find good deals. We work in a very competitive area and appearance matters in my neck of the woods. I love my business, and I love pulling up to the yard and seeing all the nice trucks parked in a row with their nice trailers and nice equipment. Could I have all old ugly trucks and ugly trailers and old equipment and still function? Yes I could, or at least I think I could? that's a good question. Over the years I have created this brand, a very neat company that provides excellent service and a clean appearance with clean cut guys all with uniforms. Some people think it doesn't matter but it matters to me.

I don't fear debt now because I know I can pay off every loan I have tomorrow if I felt like it. Don't start your business and use loans as an easy way out . When I started off it was top ramen and work work work , no sleep. Debt can get you in trouble real fast but when used properly can be golden!
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