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Often we forget that if it sounds too good we need to do extra research and work: 1. look at the books(everything available, bank statements, contracts, debts, etc., if they exist. 2. personally inspect every property and determine if the client expresses approval of you providing service. 3. spend a little and have an attorney prepare the contract and advise you of any legal issues as it is much cheaper and less difficult to deal with issues up front, 4. determine if two people are needed to service the accounts unless you already employ one or more other than yourself, 5. determine if you have the time, manpower and equipment to properly service the accounts, 6. ask around about the seller, 7. assume you will lose some of the accounts, and don't be afraid to ask anything you want to know. The non compete clause provisions are essential and should at a minimum restrict the seller from any involvement in lawn care related activity including, but not limited to, acting in the capacity of owner, employee, consultant, or investor. Include a requirement that he will be responsible for any action to enforce the non competition clause. A duration and geographic provision is vital as well but on the whole enforcement in a small business setting is often a costly and aggravating process. I could go on but this should suffice.
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